Anne H:  In February of 2010, I hurt my shoulder.  It was terrible.  I was in constant pain, saw many many Drs and physical therapists, and kind of gave up on ever having a normal arm ever again.  In October of 2010, I started going to Dan on my husband’s recommendation.
Wow.  I went from not being able to sleep without pain, to being somewhat normal, to actually getting in shape, to becoming comfortable with going to the gym, to going to yoga within a year.
Now I look fantastic.  My arms have definition.  My abs are solid (mostly).  I have workout routines, and I honestly enjoy getting exercise!

Mandi B:  What a great experience!  To begin, I am no stranger to exercise or working out, but gaining muscle in my arms was not something that I ever thought would happen.  This is where trainer Dan steps in! After 4 weeks (45 min, 2x a week) I have built genuine muscle in my arms. No kidding I have some of the scrawniest arms ever… but now there’s a lil muscle on my chicken wings! My abs and legs have gained definition and strength as well.  Each visit was a different work out of strength training, toning and sculpting various muscle groups. Attention is paid to balance and core in a lot of the exercises. We used free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls… You name it, we worked with it! Dan keeps you moving at a nice pace, with water or stretch breaks whenever needed. He makes sure you are doing each move properly so as to get the most out of each movement while not injuring yourself.  Another bonus, if something hurts or you’re having clicking or popping in a joint or muscle, Dan knows a move/stretch that will help. It was honestly a fantastic experience that was tailored to the individual.  My bf has a hard time keeping his hands off me even more than before.  Thanks Dan!!

I Will Reach My Goals

Charlotte R.B: Peak Performance is unlike any other fitness center I have ever been to. The trainers are sincerely invested in the success of each client and have created an environment that brings out the best in everyone. In the last six weeks I have lost 10 pounds. For the first time in years, I am excited about a fitness program and confident I will reach my goals. Thank you, Peak Performance!

Professional and Effective

Julie Z:  Before I started training with Dan I would have never believed I’d be the kind of person that looked forward to working out twice a week, but I am. I feel better and definitely have a lot more muscle definition since I started weight training. I would highly recommend Peak Performance for all your fitness needs.

Functional Training at It’s Finest

Dr. Maji: Not only have I had other personal trainers in the past, I am also a seasoned chiropractor and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). So when I was searching for a new trainer, I wanted someone who new even more than I did. That’s when I got introduced to Dan Siegel at Peak Performance in August of 2008. It’s functional training at it’s finest. Body weight, balance, bands, kettlebells, etc… they use functional movement to produce strength that I never thought was possible for myself. They have showed that you could be in the best shape of your life at any age.

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  1. dan lewis
    Apr 21, 2019

    we are looking for a sports specific trainer for our son who will be playing baseball in college this fall.

    thank you



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